The Candle Business is Booming For Lunar New Year: Indonesia

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Lunar New Year in Indonesia -- a time of year that residents of Chinese descent really look forward to. And so do candle makers who stand to make millions of dollars. We take you to Indonesia's Tangerang City for a closer look at candle production.

Asang's house in the town of Tangerang is not much different from any other near by.

But leading up to the Lunar New Year, his house becomes a candle production factory to the tune of tens of millions of dollars worth of candles.

Lunar New Year candles come in all sizes and the largest can reach a height of nearly 6 feet and weigh over 300 pounds.

For Indonesian Chinese, lighting candles in the Lunar New Year has its own meaning.

[Faisal, Head of Production]:
"To the buyer or the burner of these candles, according to belief will come blessings, fortune, and the lighting in the world hereafter, the bigger the candle, the greater the blessing."

To meet demand, Aseng with his 40 employees has been making these candles for the past 6 months.

Aseng sells a 330-pound candle for over $260,000 U.S. and has hundreds of them on order, not to mention thousands of orders for smaller candles.

Aseng can reap tens of millions of dollars in this Year of the Rabbit.

[Faisal, Head of Production]:
"Yes, I hope in this atmosphere of Chinese New Year, all people are blessed, our business advances, and those who order our candles get blessings in their daily life."

Making of giant candle is no easy thing, to start the raw material must be melted in a giant drum, red dye mixed in and put in tubes to harden.

The entire production process can take up to 1 week.

Indonesian Chinese have been allowed to celebrate the lunar new year since 2000.

Minority ethic Chinese make up three percent of Indonesia's 237 million population.

NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.