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    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Love's Redemption


    by poetictouch

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Love's Redemption - Here Rossetti, played by Aidan Turner in the BBC series Desperate Romantics, talks about the almost religious purity of his love and the reverence he holds for his lover.

    Love's Redemption
    by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882)

    O Thou who at Love's hour ecstatically
    Unto my lips dost evermore present
    The body and blood of Love in sacrament;
    Whom I have neared and felt thy breath to be
    The inmost incense of his sanctuary;
    Who without speech hast owned him, and intent
    Upon his will, thy life with mine hast blent,
    And murmured o'er the cup, Remember me! —

    0 what from thee the grace, for me the prize,
    And what to Love the glory, — when the whole
    Of the deep stair thou tread'st to the dim shoal
    And weary water of the place of sighs,
    And there dost work deliverance, as thine eyes
    Draw up my prisoned spirit to thy soul!