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    Polly Pocket Ice Cream Water Park from Mattel | Play of ...



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    Slide into sweet fun with the Polly Pocket Ice Cream Water Park. There's a lot of action for girls in this candy-inspired playset. Put Polly at the top of the sundae seat, then use the slushie shooter to send a stream of water to the dunk tank trigger and watch Polly splash down into the main pool. Girls can glide Polly down the slide to meet up with her Cutant Oinkberry. (For those of you who haven't been following every Polly permuation, "Cutants" — aka "Cute Mutants" — are the small pets that have accompanied Polly for the past year or so. Every Polly has one.) Oinkberry can be launched from the diving board to land in the lollipop seat. Polly's hair also has a color-change feature: her hair turns from bright candy blue to purple with water. The playset includes two pools, a diving board, a candy swing, a dunk tank, a slide, a Polly figure, a Cutant, and accessories.