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    Moller (Trex) Distortion / Overdrive Guitar Pedal Demo ...

    Andy Collins

    by Andy Collins

    281 views Click for more info or to buy this pedal at an awesome price! Become a Nail guitar VIP for tips, tricks, secret lessons and more free goodies! Get free drums like I use my videos: Other cool pedals I recommend: Tuner: Boss TU-2 Tube Screamer: Ibanez TS7 Chorus: Boss CH-1 Vibrato: Marshall VT-1 Vibratrem (No Link) Reverb/Delay: Boss RV-3 (newer model) Volume Boost: Boss GE-7 Check out my youtube channels: - Song Lessons - Lead Guitar Licks - Mini Lessons - Guitar Skills Facebook - Twitter - Cheers, Andy Looking for a complete step-by-step guitar learning system? I recommend Jamorama, it's huge and very affordable! Check it out at Moller T-rex Distortion / Overdrive Guitar Pedal Demo & Review