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    Australia braces for yet another week of flooding


    by ODN


    Rural Australian towns are bracing themselves for another week of flooding as a vast 'lake' continues to spread across the country's southeast.

    Weather reports suggest a potential tropical cyclone is also threatening the northeast of the country.

    Flooding began more than a month ago in Australia's northeast Queensland state, where 30 people have died, more than 30,000 homes have been damaged and crops and coal exports lost.

    Record rains have now shifted the flood emergency focus to the southeast Victoria state, which is usually parched during the southern summer.

    A lake resembling an inland sea, 55 miles long and 25 miles wide northwest of the Victorian capital of Melbourne, will continue making it's way inland until it spills into the Murray River.

    Residents have been sandbagging furiously as the Lodden, Avoca and Murray Rivers all converge at Swan Hill.

    The city continues to clear up the devastation left by the flood waters as the search for victims goes on.