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    Harrison Ford loves 50 Cent


    by ODN


    Harrison Ford has admitted to being a fan of rapper 50 Cent.

    When questioned on whether he likes 50 Cent's music the actor quickly replied: "Oh yeah!"

    The Queens born star has a cameo in Ford's latest film Morning Glory. The movie sees the Indiana Jones star playing a breakfast TV anchor.

    During his cameo, 50 jumps on stage and raps with Diane Keaton who plays Ford's co-anchor in the movie.

    Rachel McAdams also stars as a young producer drafted in to improve the programme. During filming she was spotted joking with the rapper on set and admitted that she was excited that he was there. She said: "I sort of couldn't believe it. Getting to work with him was great. He's so lovely."

    Morning Glory opens in UK cinemas this weekend.