Happy 2014 ! Queensberry ♫ Hello (Turn Your Radio On) ♫ Graz Austria ☼

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Woke up this morning
and the streets were full of cars
all bright and shiny
like they'd just arrived from mars
and as I stumbled through
last nights drunken debris
the paperboy screamed out
the headlines in the street
another war and now the pound is looking weak
and tell me have you read about the latest freak ?
we're bingo numbers and our names are obsolete
why do I feel bitter when i should be feeling sweet
hello, hello turn your radio on
is there anybody out there ?
help me sing my song
la la la life is a strange thing
just when you think you learned how to use it
it's gone

woke up this morning and my head was in a daze
a brave new world has dawned upon the human race
where words are meaning less and everything's surreal
I'm gonna have to reach my friends
to find out how I feel
and if I taste the honey is it really sweet
and do I eat it with my hands or with my feet ?
does anybody really listen when i speak
or will I have to say it all again next week

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Super music ,ekstra video .Pozdrawiam**************))
Par Renata Renata il y a 3 ans