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    Carnes & Associates Why a Person Should Get a Land Survey


    by carnesandassociates

    Today I wanted to talk about why get a Land Survey. In this video I talk about a common problem that people have. That problem being which property is the fence on and who is going to pay to fix it. If you are not sure and you fix or don't fix the fence, there may be an unclear liability that could come back and bite you.This type of problem can be a uncomfortable liability if not taken care of soon. Let us solve this problem for you.
    Carnes & Associates is a Land Surveying company, that has been in serving the Santa Clara County for over 30+ years. We are the leaders of experience and cutting edge technology in the field of Land Surveying.
    We perform Topographic Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Boundary Surveys, Elevation Certificates, Site Plans, Marking Property Corners, Fix Grading Violations, and any other surveying related tasks. Give us a call at (408)847-2013. Visit us on the web at