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    Violentes manifestations à Tirana - no comment

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    All the countries have a criminal "environment". Less are however the ones which aroused an authentic mafia, a secret society perms endowed with initiation rites, with a code of silence and practising a clan recruitment. Cosa Nostra Sicilienne, Chinese sets of three and Japanese Yakuza are famous, but we know badly on the other hand the Albanian mafia, such as it operates in its fiefs of Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, everywhere in Europe - and even in North America. The drug, the smuggling(contraband), the illegal emigration, the draft of the women - in brief all the directory of the criminal activities - are among the rare industries to know a spectacular development in the Balkans. The Albanian mafia, been afraid for its ferocity, its merciless vengeances, even goes as far as inspiring a big respect to the powerful families maffiosos of Sicily. " Drug, prostitution, cigarettes, arms dealing: the underworld is everywhere ", complains the former lead
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