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    Rasean Blyden

    by Rasean Blyden


    Lyrics: (intro)
    Yeah that's right it be me R,E,H,D,O double G. Yall know I'm coming with the real shit, ya heard
    Aint nothing but anger here... yeah

    My life is filled with pain and misery, can suicide be an escape for me
    Aint no friends or family, a loner til the day I die no need to cry
    All my friends who said they loved me they lied, got a forty five
    Shall I squeeze the trigger, the haters want me to they call me nigger
    Dark creeps in my soul death is knocking at my doorstep
    My soul is so vulnerable; I realize our souls are valuable
    Selling my soul would be unforgivable, seeking the help would be sensible
    Have no friends or family who's reliable, I've treated them so good cause I'm humble
    Some of them treated me like shit and awful, it's all right because I'm humble
    It be me on the microphone R,E,H,D,O double G, I don't really care if you like me or hate me