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    COSDA 2010 'GO TEXAN - Buy Local'

    This is the fifth and final video of the COSDA 2010 series. It highlights the diversity and extensive reach of the Texas Department of Agriculture’s “buy local” campaign, “GO TEXAN.” The program fosters the “buy local” culture by encouraging consumers to eat and purchase products from the Lone Star State. As COSDA members, we work as advocates for the agricultural sector in our states, and through the support of “buy local” programs we are able to encourage the success of local farmers, ranchers and artisans. Our “GO TEXAN” program is extensive and diverse, allowing consumers to easily purchase locally sourced products like fresh produce and meat to homemade Texas honey! In supporting the consumption of locally grown products, the “GO TEXAN” program encourages healthy living, reduces fossil fuels in travel miles of products and reinvests local business revenue into the local economy. For those who weren’t able to attend COSDA 2010, this video will provide insights on the value of developing a “buy local” program within your state. Distributed by Tubemogul.