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    Two Bombs Blast East Ukraine, Threats of More


    by NTDTelevision

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    Two blasts hit eastern Ukraine and police say they are braced for possible further attacks. The attackers are demanding millions of euros from the government. Ukraine's security service is not ruling out terrorism.

    Two blasts took place simultaneously in the eastern Ukrainian town of Makiyivka early on Thursday.

    Although no one was hurt, police say more attacks were threatened for later in the day.

    The Interior Ministry says unidentified attackers had left a note at one of the explosion sites demanding money and warning they would set up 5 more explosions at 5.00 p.m. (1500 GMT) local time.

    Ukraine's SBU security service says they are not ruling out that the blasts, which took place in President Viktor Yanukovich's home region of Donetsk, are an act of terrorism.

    According to local newspaper Dzerkalo Tyzhnya, the note at the blast site reads, "We are fed up with this government, we want 4 million euros, there are bombs planted in other buildings in the town."

    Police spokesman Ihor Dyomin says the bombs went off at 0400 GMT, one near the building of a local coal company and the other at the city's market.

    Ukrainian news agencies report that the blasts only damaged windows.

    [Raisa Asadulova, Local Resident]:
    "It was such a loud explosion! I thought something had exploded in our building."

    Last October, three small bombs went off next to government buildings in the Ukrainian city of Kirovograd, hours before a visit by Yanukovich.

    They did not cause any injuries and the police said they were acts of hooliganism.

    This month, unidentified attackers used explosives to destroy a monument to Joseph Stalin in the city of Zaporizhya.