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    Shen Yun "Really Outstanding" - Schenectady Representative


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shen Yun just finished a 10-show run at New York's Lincoln Center last week, before moving on to Schenectady in eastern New York state for one show. Audience members in the "capital district" really enjoyed the show. Our correspondent reports.

    New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly was in the audience at Shen Yun Performing Arts' Schenectady show.

    [Bob Reilly, New York Assemblyman]:
    "To have a show of this magnitude come to the capital district is a real treat for us here."

    [Michael McNulty, Former Congressman]:
    "The show impressed me right from the very beginning. I just thought it was really outstanding...The absolute precision of the dance, I thought was wonderful...The singing was spectacular."

    [Bob Reilly, New York Assemblyman]:
    "Just the opening dance was amazing itself. And of course what it does, it brings, as I said, the type of dancing with the costuming is appealing. But what we have is centuries-old Chinese tradition, along with modern technology, which really enhances it. And I think that must be somewhat unique."

    Shen Yun's productions draw their inspiration from China's 5,000 year civilization.

    [Bob Reilly, New York Assemblyman]:
    "Although this travels the entire world, what I think is so important is to bring the cultures of various countries to America, because we are a country of many cultures."

    Shen Yun will begin a six-show run at Washington, D.C.'s Kennedy Center next Wednesday.