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    Auto Rickshaw Drivers Protest Fuel Price Hike in South India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Over 100 auto rickshaw drivers in southern India staged a protest against frequent fuel price hikes on Wednesday. Companies say they're increasing their prices because the cost of crude is doing up.

    On Wednesday, over 100 auto rickshaw drivers of an auto union in India's Coimbatore City staged a protest against frequent gas price hikes.

    They want gas prices to be lowered now.

    [P. K. Sukumaran, Vice President, Auto Workers Union]:
    "Now every month the prices have increased. In the last nine months, petrol and diesel prices have increased on seven occasions. And in the last one month, it has been raised twice. This has very badly affected the common man, poor and auto rickshaw drivers. This is affecting their lives very badly."

    The federal government is facing criticism after it increased the retail price of petrol.

    State-run petroleum companies have hiked petrol prices due to rising global crude oil prices.

    It's putting increased pressure on wallets as the country battles the highest inflation of any major Asian economy.

    India's fuel inflation rose to 11.19 percent in December from 10.3 percent in November.