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    Fur Shoes in High Demand in Indian Kashmir


    by NTDTelevision

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    Indian Kashmir is going through a snowy winter... and to brave the chilly temps, people are buying shoes made out of fur.

    The sale of fur shoes in Srinagar City of India's Jammu and Kashmir state is on the rise during the winter season.

    [Rais Ahmad, Local]:
    "These harsh winter occur here for four months so people take these fur shoes which are for winters. People mainly prefer these shoes."

    The fur shoe business boom is expected to last till March when the weather turns warmer.

    [Rahmat Ullah Khan, Shoemaker]:
    "Fur shoes remain warm, that's why people like fur shoes more. Because these fur shoes contain the fur of animals like sheep, goat and many more animals, and they also contain artificial fur."

    Fur shoes are made from different material like rubber, Rexine and wool.