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    Let's Play Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake MSX2 (Part 12)


    by wballz03

    We go up the elevator and Gray Fox contacts us. He saids that the elevator is going to be my tomb. The Four Horsemen assassination team surrounds me in the elevator on all sides. So I shoot the ones that touchs the ground inside the elevator. After I defeat them they leave us Card 7. So now since the elevator is broken We have to use the elevator that goes up to 10F and then run the rest of the way to 20F. There I use the Hang Glider to fly past the large crevice. Make sure you take a smoke break before you use it. We go north then west to another building that takes Card 7 to unlock. There we meet a new boss called Jungle Evil. Shoot him when he peaks his head up. After defeating him he leaves us Card 8. We will see you in the next episode.