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    Part1 - Create Your Own Android & iPhone Ads

    David Papandreas

    by David Papandreas


    This Mobile smartphone market is So HUGE and is Growing So Quickly!! If you aren't already targeting this incredible market, NOW is the time to start. In the US alone, just the US, there are over 45 Million smartphones with access to the internet- these are potential site visitors, customers and prospects that wouldn't normally be exposed to your product, store or website.

    After watching this video (and don't forget Part2!) you will be able to quickly and easily begin advertising on Mobile phones for as little as 3 cents a click!! When was the last time Google gave you 3 cent clicks, 2001?

    Please comment below and let me know what you think about Mobile Marketing! Is it something you are interested in pursuing? Do you feel its just a fad? I'm interested in your comments, so please leave them :)

    Talk soon,

    David Papandreas