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    YouTube - Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 x Fifa 11 Faces - HD ~


    by HayesEsther36471

    download link: YouTube - Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 x Fifa 11 Faces - HD ~ **IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR VIRTUAL PRO YOU OBVIOSLY HAVE NOT FOLLOWED CLOSELY ENOUGH** 1. Insert your memory stick into your computer with your FIFA 11 settings on it 2. Open up Modio then explore your device and find your FIFA 11 settings 3. Once found extract the settings to desktop and remember which one that is (your virtual pro) 4. Download the modded settings in the description of my video and save them to your desktop and remember which file that is (downloaded virtual pro) 5. Drag both yours and the downloaded settings you have into Modio 6. Remember which one is which then copy the device and profile id from your settings of your memory stick into the downloaded settings profile and device id 7. Rehash and resign the downloaded file then move it into your device then remove your old settings on your memory stick so you only have the downloaded file you have modified on it **ANY PROBLEMS VIEW ANOTHER VIDEO OR ADD MY GAMER TAG OR MSN SEND ME A PM FOR THEM I ENSURE YOU IT IS LEGIT** I will be constantly be checking for more FIFA 11 Virtual Pro settings which are better than the current one in the description. If i find a better one i will post it under the current one. If not ill keep letting you guys use mine. Rate, Comment & Subscribe.