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    by NWAChiropractic

    OVERALL WELL BEING!!! Before starting NWA Chiropractic Care..... Bad posture, abnormal curvature (subluxation) in neck. Walked with a hunched back, as I was carrying the weight of my head too forward. After beginning Chiropractic Care at NWA Chiropractic...... Went from -8 degree curvature to +15degree (normal 42 degree) , increased metabolism, accelerated weight loss, better posture, overall well being. S.C. All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.

    NO MORE ANY HEADACHES!!! Before Starting Chiropractic Care.... I had headaches 2 or 3 times a week. I also had burning between my shoulders. My collar bone was very uneven as well. After Beginning Chiropractic with NWA Chiropractic Care.... I don't have headaches. I am better in lots of ways. My collar bone is more even with the other one. Isabel Muro All reviews are Dr Philip Bland approved.