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    Trapped Worker Rescued After Six Days in Rajasthan, India


    by NTDTelevision

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    A follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday. One pump operator is rescued after spending six days trapped in a 300-foot-deep tunnel. Rescuers were able to make a narrow tunnel through the debris to get the worker out.

    A man trapped underground for six days in of India's northwestern Rajasthan state was rescued on Tuesday.

    Pump operator Narayan got trapped in a 300-foot -deep tunnel when part of the tunnel collapsed while he was shutting down pumps.

    The first priority of rescuers was to communicate with Narayan, and were able to rescue him after six days by making a narrow tunnel through the debris.

    [Ashok Joshi, Rescue Team]:
    "Fortunately, we had a big drilling machine in the tunnel, so we inserted a pipe with the help of the drilling machine. So, it took us one day to drive the pipe in and when communication started, things were under control. Then we made a small tunnel through the debris and we were successful in arranging all the rescue equipment."

    Food was supplied to Narayan while he was waiting to be rescued.