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    Beyond The Mirror

    Eny Arwen

    par Eny Arwen

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    Beyond The Mirror**Music Alex Plisken**Singer Sean Roberts**Songwriters Chantal Duros & Sean Roberts**

    Beyond The Mirror

    Twirling around us, like tiny feathers
    Filling all the world, just fragile puppets
    Idols, masters, people of the world
    And I beyond the mirror....

    A new star is coming with a whispering light
    Breathing in gold, while the purple hearts glow
    Bright faces in places bring warmth and love
    They dance all around us like sweet sparks
    Raising the earth and the heavens above
    Still I beyond the mirror...

    A new star is born to the pull of our souls
    Breathing in gold, while the purple hearts glow
    Everywhere someone is feeling the light
    But I beyond the mirror try harder than most
    Help me to live, the life i must live
    For I beyond the mirror...

    All dreams can come true for you and for me
    Even though the cold heart of a day makes you cry
    The deep of the night your reality lies
    Just hold out your hand, the join is for free
    Open your heart to infinity…

    The new star is you
    Yes a new star is me
    Beyond the mirror, beyond the mirror
    Beyond the mirror
    Are we...

    Chantal Duros & Sean Roberts 2011

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