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    All over - Jordan says marriage was a mistake


    by ODN


    Just 11 months since Katie Price and Alex Reid said "I do" in Vegas, it is all over.

    In a statement issued by the glamour model, she claims: "We all make mistakes, this was one."

    Price goes on to blame Reid's hunger for fame on the breakdown of their marriage, saying: "Alex's desire to promote himself caused a change in the dynamic of our relationship and contributed to out alienation."

    In the statement Katie also says Reid is refusing to move out: "It is true I have asked Alex to leave the family home and that he will not do so. I would move out but the house is equipped for Harvey's needs."

    It does not look like the pair will settle things amicably, Price says: "I had hoped that Alex and I could remain friends - but I am not sure if that's possible given events."