New Delhi Celebrates Street-food Market's 100th Birthday


by NTDTelevision

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New Delhi celebrates one of the country’s most loved foods – the flatbread. At one market in the city... some businesses have been baking for more than a century.

New Delhi’s popular place for street-food celebrated its 100th birthday. It continues to dish out the ever-popular paranthas, which are stuffed and fried flatbreads.

The famous street is full of small shops serving a variety of flatbreads.

Some of these shops have been around for more than a hundred years.

[Anil Sharma, Shop Owner]:
"Since 1872 there is a history that the makers of paranthas are here to stay. And people still love it. Also if we work then we want some appreciation for it as we make all the preparations with a lot of love."

The flatbreads are made with a variety of ingredients including vegetables, cheese, spices and meat. They are also are served with a side dish such as chutney and mixed vegetables and pickles.

[Sulabh Rastogi, Resident]:
"Compared to the past, less people like eating paranthas because everybody is more health-conscious. Otherwise, in terms of taste, it is still great and they innovate. They really innovate. And we keep giving them inputs for new ingredients and they do it."

Reasonable prices and varieties of fillings here have attracted millions of food lovers from around the globe for decades.