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    Tehran Hosts 3rd International Gold and Jewelry Exhibition


    by NTDTelevision

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    Now we take you to Iranian capital of Tehran where the 3rd International Gold and Jewelry Exhibition was hosted. Domestic and foreign companies from Italy, India, Finland, and Turkey among others presented hundreds of products.

    People in Tehran entered the dazzling world of gold and precious gems at the 3rd International Gold and Jewelry Exhibition last month. But not all that glitters is gold. The sparkle that caught some people’s eyes was the modern extraction and processing technologies displayed at the exhibition.

    Demand for all kinds of jewelry is on the rise in Iran, fueled by the spread of media such as satellite television and the internet. The gold and precious gems industry is working hard to keep up. Exhibitions like this one are opportunities to showcase what’s new in the domestic precious gems industry in Iran.

    And it turns out even raw, uncut stones can be beautiful. These popular booths displayed domestic turquoise, carnelian, emerald, ruby, quartz and azure from Iranian mines. But the most renowned Iranian stone is called Turquoise of Neyshaboor—famous for its unique beauty and rarity.

    Traditionally in Iran, practicality and decoration have always gone hand in hand when it comes to jewelry. Besides protecting people from negative energies and having healing characteristics, gold and precious stones were a way to protect one’s assets in times of currency crises.

    NTD News, Tehran