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    Mexican Prison Break, Fourteen Escape, 5 Recaptured


    by NTDTelevision

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    Fourteen prisoners escape from prison close to the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua helped by a group of armed men.

    Mexico's President has sent troops to fight drug gangs and clean up a prison system which in some cases has even made cosy arrangements for drug cartel members.

    Authorities say that fourteen prisoners, mainly cartel members, escaped from a jail near the U.S. border on Monday.

    A group of armed men knocked down a metal barrier at the prison in Aquiles Serdan near Chihuahua with their vehicle.

    The Police authorities confirm the jailbreak and the arrest of five people.

    [Facundo Rosas, Police Commissioner]:
    "What I can tell you is that five of those who fled have been recaptured by the federal police."

    After distracting the prison guards with gun shots, the men in the vehicle charged against the wire fence, knocking it down.

    Prison security has been reinforced as authorities continue searching for the fugitives.

    Police arrested three people who helped the men escape including the father of one of the fugitives.

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who sent thousands of troops across the country to fight drug gangs, has vowed to clean up prisons.

    But the conservative leader has struggled to contain corruption and lawlessness in the Mexican prison system.