Another Egyptian Man Sets Himself on Fire

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A second Egyptian man sets himself on fire in Cairo, Egypt. Sources say he was inspired by the Tunisian whose act of self-immolation led to the ousting of the country's president.

An Egyptian man set himself on fire near the government building on Tuesday.

He shouted slogans against rising prices before setting himself on fire. The severity of his injuries was not clear.

Some residents are not surprised by the self-immolation, given local conditions.

[Zainab Sayed Hafez, Local]:
"Everyone that holds a high ranking position does nothing, they do not feel for all the starving, homeless people. These people are homeless, living in the street, people can't find food. People can't find the resources they need. These people sitting on their chairs doing nothing, those parliamentary members feel for nobody."

Authorities say the latest case echoes an act of self-immolation in Tunisia that spurred on protests and helped bring down the president.

In Cairo, some residents say the man acted out of desperation.

Another Egyptian, 25 and unemployed, died in a hospital on Tuesday after he set himself on fire in Alexandria. Security sources said he was psychologically unwell and there was no political aim. However, his exact motive was unclear.

In another sign of growing public discontent, an Egyptian man poured gasoline over himself in Cairo on Monday and lit it after protesting against poor living conditions.

Political activists throughout the Arab world say they have been inspired by the example of Tunisia, the first country in decades where an Arab leader was toppled by public protests.

The protests in Tunisia erupted after the suicide of a vegetable trader who set himself on fire last month. He became a martyr to crowds of students and the unemployed protesting against poor living conditions.