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    Bike Show a Hit in London


    by NTDTelevision

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    We go back now to ExCel London. The exhibition center not only hosted the London International Boat Show as featured last week, but also The Outdoors Show and The London Bike Show. NTD's Ted L'Estrange has the story.

    For the first time the London Bike Show has been combined with the Outdoor and Boat shows at London's ExCel Center.

    [Emerson Roberts, Brompton]:
    "It's the first time the show has been held this way as part of the Outdoor show, as part of the Boat show, and I think that what sets it apart from most of the Bike shows we go to is that we get this cross-audience with the boat people coming over."

    There is test terrain to try out the bikes on.Professional Mountain Bike Trials rider, Martyn Ashton and his team, are here to demonstrate leaps and tricks.

    [Martyn Ashton, Animal Relentless Bike Tour]:
    " We've been here for all 4 days of the show, I'm really excited about it. Its one of those shows that feels like its really going to grow, its a really exciting place to be. It's nice to be indoors, I'm usually getting rained on. I've got used to that, in the UK but its really exciting and I'm looking forward to the rest of the day."

    Cycling is certainly cheaper than driving, and it has become a market opportunity.

    [Jonathan Cole. Bike]:
    "There are a lot of people getting into bikes because the price of fuel is so high. You know an electric bike will do 20 miles for 7 pence, whereas you know 6 pounds a gallon at the moment, and rising, so there is definitely a big movement (...) You know the market is like this. We came from the computer business. We got out of the computer business and came into the bike business."