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    Top Skydivers Compete in Dubai


    by NTDTelevision

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    Hundreds of skydivers from around the world descended on Dubai last week for the biggest parachuting competition in the world. Let's take a look.

    The world's top skydivers decided to drop in on Dubai last week for the 2nd International Parachuting Championships and Gulf Cup. And although competition has been fierce, participants still found time to take in the sights as they soared through the skies.

    [Jessica Edgeington, Participant]:
    "It's really rare for us to be near the city, where I was usually out in the middle of nowhere, out of the way kind of. So jumping and having the beach right here, all the buildings right here, it's amazing."

    The 10-day event features 419 competitors representing 41 countries. It's the richest and biggest championship ever to be held. It was organized by the Emirates Aviation Association and Skydive Dubai.

    To keep things challenging, the competition features a mixture of disciplines, like canopy piloting, accuracy landing and formation skydiving. As the competitors show off their techniques for the judges, speed, distance and accuracy also weigh in on points scored.

    [Marat Leiras, Participant]:
    "It's fascinating to see how much different techniques they use to fly their bodies and their parachutes."

    Prizes worth a total of one million dirhams, about $ 320,000 U.S. dollars, will be handed out to the top flyers at the end of the competition.

    NTD News, Dubai