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    Dutch Scientists Predict Insects Could Be Future Food


    by NTDTelevision

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    As global food prices continue to rise, scientists are looking for ways to feed the world in the future. One answer may be insects -- if people can stomach it.

    It may not look like agriculture yet but it could do in the future.

    As the world's population booms and food prices rocket - mealworms and grasshoppers could be the answer.

    Scientists at the University of Wageningen say insects are an environmentally friendly way of feeding the world. According to Professor Arnold van Huis they produce much smaller quantities of greenhouse gases than cattle and pigs.

    [Arnold van Huis, Professor, Wageningen University]:
    "Insects are certainly a solution, because I think they are environmentally much more friendly, they are much more efficient in converting the feed to meat."

    Cookery students at Wageningen are trying to incorporate insects into their menu's - led by Chef Henk van Gurp.

    Mealworm quiche and baked grasshopper spring roll are just a sample of the six legged delights available to discerning diners.

    [Henk van Gurp, Cooking School Chef]:
    "I prepare my chicken with various herbs, and my baked fish as well, so I do the same with insects and then they are very tasty."

    The United Nations says food prices hit an all time high last month and could rise further on erratic global weather patterns.

    With the planet's population rising too - future generations may have little choice but to adapt to the creepy, crawly creations of tomorrow.