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    Queensland Flood Clean-Up Unites Australians


    by NTDTelevision

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    The floods that devastated many towns in Queensland, Australia earlier this month wiped out entire towns, claimed 20 lives to date and left a trail of destruction that has not been seen in the region in history. Our local correspondent reports on how the flood clean up is uniting Australians.

    These images look more like a war zone than a quiet Brisbane suburb. It's hard to believe the recent floods could have caused so much devastation.

    [Kevin and Laura Vodden and Conor Jedam, Volunteers]:
    "The way residents have suffered that's the thing that's really struck us. So we just want to do what we can."

    Approximately 30 suburbs were affected in this region, with many homes being partially or completely submerged.

    [Krista Adams, Councillor for the Ward of Wishart]:
    "So I am working with Lord Mayor Campbell Newman in his administration to get these volunteer operations on the ground."

    The mess and heartbreak is overwhelming. But it's said that the Aussie spirit cannot be broken, and that Aussie people unite in times of tragedy.

    [Doug Brown, Evacuated Resident]:
    "I felt like fainting or crying but being a true Aussie I didn't do that."

    When the call went out for volunteers, thousands came.

    [Krista Adams, Councillor for the Ward of Wishart]:
    "The response over the last 48 hours has been absolutely overwhelming."

    They came in their boots armed with brooms, shovels and scrubbing brushes prepared to do whatever they could.

    [Phillip Hamilton, Volunteer]:
    "What can I do right, and you can't stay at home, you have to be here."

    Everyone just wanted to be able to help.

    [Megan Bailey, Volunteer]:
    "Really, really proud to be an Australian. I stayed at home watching the floods and really wanted to get out and help and it's great that we can do it today and to see this is just amazing."