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    Violence continues in Tunisia


    by ODN


    Tunisian police have used teargas to break up angry protests against the country's new coalition government, which includes allies of ousted leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

    Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi brought opposition leaders into government after the president fled to Saudi Arabia following weeks of violent street protests. But key 'old guard' figures have kept their jobs, angering many opponents.

    In the capital Tunis, several hundred opposition party supporters and trade unionists were protesting peacefully before their demonstration was broken up by police.

    Ghannouchi has defended his new government, saying some ministers had been kept on because they were needed in the run-up to elections, expected in the next two months.

    The Prime Minister rejected suggestions that the Ben Ali "dictatorship" would continue under a new guise.

    The weeks of protests which forced President Ben Ali from office have prompted fears across the Arab world that other repressive governments in the region might also face popular unrest.