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    Alex Reid wants £2m to leave?


    by ODN


    It has been alleged that Alex Reid has demanded £2million from his wife Katie Price to move out.

    According to The Sun newspaper, Reid had agreed to release a statement about the end of their marriage and sign a gagging order to stop him talking about their relationship.

    The newspaper alleges he has now changed his mind and wants money from the glamour model to leave.

    This news is a stark contrast to an interview Reid gave saying: "I still want to save my relationship. I'm in bits over this. Maybe I am an optimist, but I believe in doing the honourable thing."

    Reid has also used his column in Star magazine to deny reports that he sold a photograph of himself with Price's son Junior.

    The cagefighter wrote: "I took Junior along to my friend's gym. Sadly someone sold the photos. I still maintain strong support for Katie in her with to keep the kids out of the limelight."

    The couple have been married for eleven months.