KELLY OSBOURNE at The Art Of Elysium "HEAVEN" 2011


by MaximoTV



Kelly , now that I'm thinking about it , I want you to know I don't give two spits about working on anyones cybergoth look other than yours.

I know you probably have on idea what cybergoth appearance looks like.

white cybergoth is the new foundation on which all things will be built in the fashion world.

lady gaga is an idiot.
By Melchizedek5 4 years ago
Kelly , this is the best I've ever seen you look , love the change to blonde , my advice from there is white cybergoth hair.

if you do cybergoth hair kelly , please remember to use only blonde and white , the blonde counts as holocost yellow.

I know that the word holocost may frighten you but do not be alarmed , I'm attempting to help advance your look to something way more impressive than this or any ugly lady gaga costume.

Singed. your secret helper , shaul the melchizedek.
By Melchizedek5 4 years ago
Americans don't want every greek dead , we do care for spartans.
By Melchizedek5 4 years ago

That makes the second time I've heared or seen that greek word today.

Something is not right here , osbournes don't do greek pagan religious cults.

My guess is kelly was not aware of the situation , americans are determined to kill the greeks for what they did to the israelites and the world.
By Melchizedek5 4 years ago