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    Thousands of pets homeless after Brazil floods


    by ODN

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    Thousands of pets whose owners have lost their lives or been left homeless by the mudslides in Rio de Janeiro and the floods in Sao Paulo are also victims in need.

    Many of them have died too, but those who made it out alive of the cascade of mud and rocks that went through Teresopolis on Wednesday, are being sheltered at an abandoned warehouse in the city centre.

    A team of veterinarians and a dozen of volunteers are taking care of them, suturing wounds, cleaning and feeding them.

    Most of the animals, according to some volunteers, are very traumatised; at lost without their owners and extremely nervous.

    One vet has said she hopes people will recognise their pets in the images and will go to the shelter to claim them.

    "If there are owners seeing these pictures they should come here and we would give them back. But for the majority, I believe, we will put them in good hands because I think most of the owners have lost their homes, their lives, God knows," Tereza Dantas said.

    A family from Teresopolis who lost their dog during the mudslide went to the shelter looking for a pet to replace him.

    "We are here looking for another dog that can look after the house but who is also nice to people", said Daniela, a girl from the family.

    Volunteers take turns accompanying puppies and kittens at the shelter and the community and pet shops have backed the project providing pet food.