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    Katie Price kicks Alex Reid out over a pic of Jnr?


    by ODN

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    Katie Price has apparently kicked Alex Reid out of their marital home over a photo he sold to the press.

    The picture sees cage-fighter Alex wrestling at a gym with Junior, Katie's 5-year-old son with ex-husband Peter Andre.

    According to reports, 32-year-old Katie was so furious, she told her husband of 11 months that their marriage was over for good, and told him to leave their home.

    Katie had apparently told Alex in the past not to teach her son to fight as she did not like the idea of him being in the ring.

    The Sun claims a friend of Katie's told them: "Alex knew how she felt but knew he'd get coverage by playing the world's best dad. It was a disgusting use of a five-year-old boy. He knew very well how much it would upset Katie.

    "She was hoping the split would be amicable, but the battle lines have been drawn and war declared."

    One of the reasons for the demise of Katie and Alex's marriage is apparently his hunger for fame.

    The News of the World quote Katie as saying: "I thought Alex was an easy-going athlete who had no interest in showbiz, fame or wanting a TV career like Pete.

    "He was just the opposite of all that, just an ordinary bloke. I loved the fact he wasn't in my world. But as soon as he got to my world, he wanted to be in it himself."

    An official statement from Katie and Alex announcing the end of their marriage is believed to be imminent.

    However, Katie took to her Twitter page on Sunday and wrote: "I can see by tweets I'm being judged again by what's in media until you hear it from the horses mouth I wouldn't believe everything."