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    "A Wonderful Message" - Shen Yun in Toronto, Canada


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shen Yun Performing Arts received a standing ovation on Saturday after its third Toronto show.

    Nelson Wiseman, a professor of History at the University of Toronto, says Shen Yun presents the richness of Chinese culture.

    [Nelson Wiseman, Canadian History Professor, University of Toronto]:
    “I mean the number of people involved and the consciousness to detail and quality. And also it’s clear that it’s drawing on such a deep tradition the history and then it brings you right into the present…. There were some really lovely aesthetic pieces. You know the pink blossom. The Manchurian Elegance, The Mischievous Monks, who I enjoyed very much. So it gave you a real panoramic view of the richness of Chinese culture.”

    He says the show was very impressive.

    [Nelson Wiseman, Canadian History Professor at University of Toronto]:
    “The costumes were just gorgeous. The music was moving. The performers were incredibly skilled, artful. It was really just a totally impressive show.”

    Adina Lebeau was also among the audience who saw Shen Yun in Toronto.

    She enjoyed the Shen Yun orchestra, with its combination of Chinese and western instruments.

    [Adina Lebeau, Canadian Film Industry]:
    “I love the mix of instruments. I love the Chinese instruments. I loved the flavor. I love the dance.”

    She also liked the message conveyed by the show.

    [Adina Lebeau, Canadian Film Industry]:
    “It speaks. It speaks differently. It speaks of a history and of a culture. It speaks of physicality and a spirituality.”

    Former City Councilor Cliff Jenkins was also at the show.

    [Cliff Jenkins, Former Toronto City Councilor]:
    “It’s a very inspirational show with a wonderful message. A message of peace and freedom which I think is really worldwide an excellent message.”

    NTD News, Toronto, Canada