WoW GM Island 3.3.0 Live Server! Updated for 3.3.5!

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Download link: NOW UPDATED FOR 3.3.5! --WoW GM Island Exploit-- Guide to patch-6.mpq: So heres how i did: 1« Download this patch: after that Follow theese instructions: 2« Place Patch-6.mpq in your World of Warcraft\data folder. -rename the Patch-6.mpq to: Patch-6.MPQ is it important, otherwise it will not work. so the changes will be the MPQ to stand with BIG letters. for those with little brains... 3« Start up WoW and log in. 4« At the character screen open WoWEmuHacker.(not important, WoWEmuHacker is a private server hack, with speedhack, so do NOT use that if your going to do it on retail wow.) 5« Make a night elf. 6« Run to the back of the starter place. 7« Run up the path u can see, there should be a loong path heading up 8« when u come to the top, run out to the pillar 9« Jump off. 10« When you land in the water swim to the ground, and there should be a road heading further, just follow that 11« Keep walking on the road untill u find a green road heading out and follow that 12« Walk North-West for a really long time on the green path, something like a half an hour without speedhacks. 13« When you get to the end walk on my land-bridge and then walk off the end and swim the rest of the way to GM island. and your there, plz subscribe and feel nice(; - Please note that WoW Infinity is a World Of Warcraft Retail Hack, and it is NOT free, so for those of your - that is probably going to ask for it, Dont, cause noone will give u as its account based. - And only my friends will get it, so dont ask for the hack, HAVE FUN WATCHIGN THIS VIDEO!. Thanks to: Zhun, WoW Infinity, And World of Warcraft for being able to create those "Trial Accounts"

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