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    Anthony Lewis: Why Speech Must Be Free—2/6

    Sunlight Oxygen

    by Sunlight Oxygen

    Free speech has its own particular risks. “I think courage is crucial in the process that makes freedom of expression work. Because it’s all very well to say that in theory you're entitled to speak. But if you're a newspaper publisher say, and your reporters are saying, “Let's publish the secret documents of the Pentagon papers,” you worry about what it will do to your advertising, and what the government will do to you.”

    For six decades Anthony Lewis has been exercising his First Amendment rights in public. His second Pulitzer Prize was for his coverage of the United States Supreme Court. Much of his career has been spent as a reporter, then columnist for The New York Times. He is a teacher as well as author. His wife, Margaret Hilary Marshall, is a former chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court.