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    Fan takes Beatlemania to a whole new level


    by ODN


    The first Beatles museum in Latin America has opened in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

    The museum, which was inaugurated on January 3, features the private collection of a man who could be the country's biggest Beatles fan.

    Rodolfo Vazquez began collecting the band's memorabilia when he was ten years old and now owns more than 8,500 records, gadgets, puppets and games.

    In 2001 Vazquez was recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the owner of the largest collection of Beatles memorabilia in the world.

    He decided to open the museum to share his collection with other Beatles aficionados.

    "Because otherwise all of it would be closed into boxes and trunks without anyone being able to enjoy them," he said.

    Vazquez claims that the museum has objects that are not present even in the famous Beatles museum in Liverpool, the birthplace of the Fab Four.

    One of the most valuable items in the new museum is a John Lennon autograph that Vazquez purchased in 1981 in New York.

    The collection also includes records, autographs, toys, puppets, original pictures, concert programmes and many other objects related to the band.

    Vazquez says that his biggest ambition would be to have the chance to meet the two surviving band members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

    McCartney recently performed in Buenos Aires, but the two did not meet up. The Beatles never performed in Argentina.