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    Alexander Shaia on Changes to the Gospel


    Alexander Shaia on Changes to the Gospel
    Grace Cathedral - Grace Cathedral
    In Beyond the Biography of Jesus: The Journey of Quadratos, Book I & II, Dr. Alexander Shaia offers a fresh and important interpretation of the traditional gospels and answers current controversies about the Christian scriptures.He says, "the gospels are not four stories about Jesus' life. Rather, when read in their original sequence, they lead us through a spirit-filled, universal process of transformation and healing." Shaia names this path "The Journey of Quadratos," a progression he has identified within the core traditions of Christianity as well as those of most great faiths and spiritual practices.In fact, he believes that underneath Centering Prayer, labyrinth walks, the Christian year, Celtic spirituality, and most psychological systems - lies the same blueprint - The Journey of Quadratos - Grace Cathedral