THE FIGHTER (Drama, Thriller) film clip#2 HD

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THE FIGHTER (Drama, Thriller) film clip#2 HD
© 2010 Paramount Pictures
του Ντέιβιντ Ο' Ράσελ
με τους Κρίστιαν Μπέιλ, Μαρκ Γουόλμπεργκ, Έιμι Άνταμς

Υπόθεση: Βασισμένη σε αληθινή ιστορία, η ταινία «The Fighter» διηγείται την σχέση δυο αδερφών μποξέρ, με φόντο τον ιδιαίτερα ανταγωνιστικό και αδυσώπητο κόσμο του μποξ. Στην ταινία πρωταγωνιστεί ο Κρίστιαν Μπέιλ («Batman Begins», «The Dark Knight», «Terminator: Salvation»), στο ρόλο του Ντίκι Έκλαντ, ενός μποξέρ από την Μασαχουσέτη που κατέληξε να εθιστεί στο κρακ και την κοκαΐνη. Συμπρωταγωνιστής του Μπέιλ, είναι ο Μαρκ Γουόλμπεργκ («The Departed», «Max Payne»), ως ο «Ιρλανδός» Μίκι Γουόρντ. Η σκηνοθεσία της ταινίας είναι του Ντέιβιντ Ο’ Ράσελ («Three Kings»).

Director: David O. Russell
Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Mark Wahlberg, Melissa Leo

The Fighter is the inspirational, true story of these two brothers who, against all the odds, come together to train for a historic title bout that will unite their fractured family, redeem their pasts and, at last, give their hard-luck town what it's been waiting for: pride. The story unfolds on the gritty, blue-collar streets of Lowell, Mass, where Dicky was once known as "The Pride of Lowell" having gone the distance with the world champion Sugar Ray Leonard. However, after losing that fight, like the town of Lowell, Dicky's fallen on hard times. His boxing days are behind him and his life has become shattered by drug abuse. Younger brother Micky, meanwhile, has become the family's fighter and fading hope for a champion. But despite all of his work, Micky's career is failing and he loses fight after punishing fight. Dicky and Micky's tougher-than-nails mother, Alice (MELISSA LEO), manages his career and Dicky serves as his highly unreliable trainer. When Micky's latest fight nearly kills him, it looks like it could all be over - until his iron-willed new girlfriend, Charlene (AMY ADAMS), convinces him to do the unthinkable:

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