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    Brazil begins burying victims of mudslides


    by ODN


    In the devastated Brazilian city of Nova Friburgo, authorities have rushed to bury dozens of flood victims as the town's small morgue becomes overcrowded with unidentified bodies.

    Most residents are still reeling from the tragedy that killed at least 564 people in a handful of mountain towns about 60 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

    Heavy downpours sparked floods and massive landslides in Nova Friburgo, the worst-hit city of the area, where 264 were killed and thousands were made homeless.

    The mudslides swept away homes of rich and poor alike, but the brunt of the disaster was borne by poorer rural residents in houses built in risky areas without formal planning permission.

    Cemeteries have been overwhelmed by the number of bodies and Brazilian media reported that residents in isolated areas have been forced to bury victims themselves.

    The death toll in the mountainous region is still expected to climb as rescue teams are struggling to reach hard-hit and remote areas.