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When I met my friend Dave for lunch yesterday, I saw a gleam in his eyes and knew instantly that something was up. “I’m in love!” he exclaimed enthusiastically. “Her name is Stephanie, and she’s a real knockout”. “Where did the two of you meet?” I asked. “At the supermarket checkout the day before yesterday” he answered. “It was love at first sight”. I could see that he was head over heels. He’d been shot by Cupid’s arrow and was in seventh heaven. “It’s the real thing this time” said Dave. “There’s a real chemistry between us, it’s not just a crush”. He started talking about wanting to buy her a ring and proposing marriage. “Don’t rush into anything”, I warned him. “You’ll scare her off”. “Don’t worry” he said, “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life” “By the way, what does she look like?” I asked. “Here, I’ve got a photo of her” he said as he handed me a snapshot of his new prize. He was right. She was very good-looking. “Out of his league” I thought. “What does she see in him?” I said to myself, He’s no Prince Charming. But who am I to judge. Love is blind after all. “I have butterflies in my stomach. I can’t eat or sleep. She’s all I can think about!” He sighed. “Tomorrow I’m going to propose to her. We’ll elope and move to a tropical island somewhere and live off the land like Tarzan and Jane. ” he continued. Now he was getting carried away I thought to myself. What a harebrained scheme. I didn’t have the heart to burst his bubble though. “But what about the girl you fell in love with last week? You were going to marry her, I thought. Don’t you love her anymore?” I inquired. “Who, Carol?” he replied. “She’s yesterday’s news. ” “How about Betty from 2 weeks ago?” I asked. “Oh, Her…no, I could never be serious about her”, he replied. Dave fall’s in love about three times a month. So I take these episodes with a grain of salt. That’s all for now. See you next time!

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