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    Did The New York Times 'Use' Ramparts Magazine?



    Did The New York Times 'Use' Ramparts Magazine?
    Berkeley Arts and Letters - First Congregational Church of Berkeley
    Peter Richardson, Robert Scheer, and Susan Griffith discuss the short (1962-1975) but utterly remarkable life of Ramparts magazine, which, originally founded as a Catholic literary quarterly, quickly became the premier leftist publication of its era. Deeply committed to the civil rights and antiwar movements, Ramparts' list of contributors -- Noam Chomsky, Cesar Chavez, Seymour Hersh, Angela Davis, and Tariq Ali, among others -- forms a veritable who's who of politics and journalism.It was in its pages that Che Guevara's diaries and the prison diaries of Eldridge Cleaver first appeared, and it is where neo-con David Horowitz cut his teeth in journalism, before renouncing his left-wing political radicalism.