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    Gary D. Conley on Merging Technology



    Gary D. Conley on Merging Technology
    The Asia Society - Asia Society
    Innovative Energy Solutions: Fueling a Clean Energy FutureBoth the US and China face daunting challenges in the areas of national security, long-term economic competitiveness, and global warming.Energy is at the center of all three, making it arguably the most important problem that we must solve in the coming decades.While there are no magic bullets, the answer clearly lies in increasing energy efficiency in the short term and developing sustainable, carbon-neutral energy sources over the longer term.This conference is the first to bring together leading clean energy specialists from business, government, and academia from both the U.S. and China. The San Francisco Bay Area, Beijing, and Shanghai are rapidly becoming the global centers for clean energy technology promotion, development, and investment, and there are enormous gains to be achieved through enhanced collaboration between the regions.This conference, and a larger conference to be held in Beijing in November 2008, represent the beginning of an effort to encourage long-term collaboration between clean energy policymakers, researchers, businesspeople, and investors in the two countries - Asia Society