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Who doesn't secretly wish that life was one unending musical full of catchy songs that pepper the day? Fruit Fly is the next best thing. Pop to its core, H.P. Mendoza's directorial debut (he wrote and composed Colma) is a sparkling musical love letter to San Francisco.

Reuniting much of the cast and crew from Colma: The Musical, Mendoza firmly grasps the helm in telling his story of Bethesda (L.A. Renigen), a young performance artist in search of a career - and her birth mother. Bethesda loves to hang out with her gay boy buddies. She goes to the gay clubs, dances with her boys until the wee hours and sends them off to their tricks with a kiss on the cheek. But don't call her a "fag hag" — Bethesda is a "Fruit Fly".

Like Colma: The Musical, the film is interspersed with songs that become conversations and solo musical journeys. This is not a musical where people dance on cruise ship ceilings: these songs are firmly rooted in reality (a gay reality, of course). Some of our favorites include "Fag Hag," "Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay," "Enough about Me," "We Are the Hag" and "Work in Progress." Though it's tremendous fun, H.P. Mendoza's film is not without its serious moments. Do not mistake it as frivolous; the director's hidden some underlying messages in the music (which you're sure to be humming for days).

WINNER: Audience Award - Best Narrative Feature - SFIAAFF 2009
WINNER: Best Film - Fort Worth QCinema - 2009
WINNER: Rising Star Award - Philadelphia QFest - 2009