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    Grantham: Austrlia's floods 'Ground Zero'


    by ODN


    The town of Grantham in Lokyer Valley, west of Brisbane, has become known as 'Australia's Ground Zero'.

    The army has been called in to search an area of 200 km to look for people who are missing. Grantham has officially been declared a crime zone by police due to the high death toll.

    Out of the 70 towns affected by floods across Queensland, Grantham sustained the most damage. Mass graves are being dug to bury dead livestock.

    Ten people are still missing in the town. Seven bodies have been found but no one is sure where they came from.

    The Queensland floods have been blamed on the strongest ever recorded La Nina weather phenomenon in the Pacific, which saw Australia record its third wettest year on record on 2010.

    Economists have estimated the flood damage at A$5 billion, with $1 billion of that to be underwritten by insurers.

    Military aircraft and trucks have fanned out across Queensland, ferrying food and clothing as weather officials warned the threat of cyclones and fresh rains could last until March.