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    Mid-Century Modern Style Homes - Lancaster PA Real Estate

    YourLancasterHome TV

    by YourLancasterHome TV

    As a west-coast refugee, I happen to really like contemporary style homes. While they are certainly less common out here in "amish country", they can be found tucked in around Lancaster County and are just a lot of fun to check out.

    Today I am in a small, less-expensive example but still most definitely Mid-Century Modern, localed on the west side in Lancaster Township. Mid-Century Modern design was in vogue from the late 1940's through about 1970. This style had many iterations but most often was a one-floor layout with a flat or peaked roof and heavy beaming on the inside, without an attic. There were no basements in most cases. Floor to ceiling windows and "glass walls" to bring the outside in was a key component. A proponent of the mid-century modern movement was a builder named Joseph Eichler, who designed amazing homes on the west coast in the 50's and 60's.

    If you'd like to talk more about mid century modern homes feel free to email at jeff@yourlancasterhome.