The cell phone that puts YOU in control!

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You are finally in control of your cell phone plan when you switch to TracFone. The company with the lowest out of pocket costs, gives you the opportunity to add minutes to your phone at your convenience, with no hidden fees or costs, even for canceling your service!


Really happy about a phone that finally puts me in control of my monthly bills. They have the cheapest cellphone service out there for sure! I use the 200 minutes, 90 day service. I also got the double minutes for life card for 20 bucks! 200 minutes is now 400 minutes, 90 days of service!
By Gotoby 4 years ago
@ arubascuba Those rates aren't bad. But compared to the 100% more that you get out of the plan if had the double minutes for life feature, it's rather pale. I've been looking into tracfone's SVC plan for my mother-in-law (yay), and I feel a little dissapointed that their plan for seniors don't already have this feature included, as it is with so many of their other phones.
By Happpydays 4 years ago
I mean this phone really does embrace its belief that everyone has the right to own a cellphone.... It makes it easy for families who are on a tight budget, or unstable income, to own a phone, because you don't need a contract. One month you need it, other times you can just not use your airtime cards to save even more money. Its just so affordable and I'm so appreciative of the great call quality.
By ArchEJunkE 4 years ago
I used Tracfone when I was a student and only received a small amount of pocket money from my parents. I liked their 60 minute card which cost me $19.99 and I got 90 days service from it. My family always called me and I made the odd short call, my friends were always on the campus so I didn't need to make long calls to friends or a girlfriend so this Tracfone plan was affordable and suitable.
By arubascuba 4 years ago
The really attractive thing about prepaid, to me, is all the freedom you have - its something you dont really have with a contract carrier. You are constantly being bothered to either upgrade or increase your contract for the littlest thing and ifs great to find a company where none of that is even an issue.
By tomford2 4 years ago