Let's Play Ducktales (Part 2B Finale)

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by Steve

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I find the remote control for Gizmoduck. I go all the way up top back outside and find a hidden treasure a mirror. I all the way down to the right and find Gizmoduck. Since I have the remote control for him he blasts the wall down. I get past some Beagle Boys and fight the big rat to get the Green Cheese of Longevity. So once I get back I think I've collected all the treasures but I get a message on the screen saying that they were all stolen and to come to Transylvania if I want them back. I go back and fight a vampire called Dracula Duck. I defeat it and see Scrooge's arch enemy Flintheart Glomgold. I have to race him up the side of a large pillar to regain my stolen treasures. Once I beat him I'm once again the richest duck in the world and watch the credits.